Agile Leadership Research Report 2017


A total of 513 people across 29 sectors responded to the survey
53% of respondents claim that their team are Agile.
96% of respondents work in a privately held company.

Agile leadership 2017 survey results indicate:
Agile has a limited impact on the leaders/managers to gain Agile leadership skills and mindset in Turkey. The leadership scores of the Agile teams’ members and Non-Agile teams’ members vary just 5 percent.
Top scored sector is “technology and software”. “Banking/finance” and “insurance” sectors got the worse overall leadership scores.
As the seniority of the corespondents inreases, the leadership score gets worse.
Agile has a significant effect on “target identification and performance management” skills of leaders/managers while it has very limited effect on “autonomy and responsibility”.

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